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About Tim

Hi I’m Tim. I’m a Physical Therapist, entrepreneur, and blogger.  I enjoy traveling with my wife, hiking, and walking our two chocolate labs.



Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

My goal is to help you make more money, pay off student loans, and pursue work you enjoy.

I started PTProgress back in 2013 just before I quit my job as a financial consultant and started PT school.

Believe it or not, I went back to school in my late 20s to become a Physical Therapist…

…and now I make a full time income online.

But let’s back up….

After finishing my bachelors degree in business, racking up $65,000 in student loans, I landed my first job at a financial group just before the financial meltdown of 2008. Nice timing, right? Within a year I was able to complete an MBA and add another $20,000 to the pile of student loans.

After 5 years of traveling as a financial consultant, I wanted something different, so I applied to PT school and was accepted….Keep Reading…

Efficient Documentation for Therapists (Full Course)

Learn how to save 30-60 minutes a day with the Efficient Documentation for Therapists course. PTs and OTs deserve to go home to family, not documentation. This course includes ALL of the Documentation Templates as well as 5 video modules, full documentation examples, and training to speed up your documentation. A must have for new grads or transitioning therapists who want to spend less time typing and more time with their patients or with family.

Course Include:

  • All Therapy Documentation Templates (a $69 value)
  • 5 Video Modules (60 minutes of training)
  • Over 60 Pages of Printable Documentation Examples
  • Full Sample Evaluation, Daily, Progress, and Discharge Notes
  • The SMARTER Goal Writing System
  • 6 Bonus Formula Templates and Worksheets
See the Course