MedBridge Promo Code: “PTProgress” $150 Discount on CEUs- Best Deal in 2024!

medbridge promo code ptprogress

The MedBridge promo code “PTProgress” saves you $150 on MedBridge Education this year. MedBridge starts at $120 for SLPs (55% off with discount!) and is just $225 for PT, OT, ATC, and RNs. Save $150 with the MedBridge promo code “PTProgress” and access nearly 2,000 CEU courses at a discount.

Keep reading to see why I used MedBridge Education again this year to complete all my Physical Therapy CEUs.

For 2024, the largest MedBridge discount is 40% ($150 off) which brings the price down to $225 for PT, OT, ATC, RN (and $120 for SLP since there are fewer courses for SLP, which makes it a 55% discount for SLPs).

MedBridge Education Promo Code: PTProgress

Copy and paste the MedBridge Promo Code “PTProgress” and save $150 on MedBridge this year! Plus get three bonuses (see details below)


I renewed my MedBridge subscription again this year and completed 100% of my CEUs online. This is a renewal year for me and it was really easy to track my hours with MedBridge.

The MedBridge coupon “PTProgress” works for PTs, OTs, SLPs, Nurses, and ATCs and is the largest MedBridge discount available in 2024 ($150 OFF!) 

Plus, when you sign up for MedBridge at this discounted rate, you’ll have access to my full Financial Health Course and templates on MedBridge!

How Much Is MedBridge Education?

MedBridge Education
MedBridge Promo Code
Enterprise$225-275 / user
MedBridge Promo Code

How to Apply a MedBridge Promo Code for 2024:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Subscribe Now”
  3. Choose: Education ($225) or Premium Plan ($275)
  4. Enter Promo Code “PTProgress” to save $150.
  5. Complete your account info and check out.
  6. Start learning!

Use the code “PTProgress” or go directly to the special discounted page that offers the $150 Off MedBridge Coupon for the lowest price on MedBridge.

Why Use a MedBridge Promo Code?

With the right MedBridge promo code, you can lower the price of your MedBridge subscription by $150. For example, with the ‘PTProgress‘ promo code, you access the largest discounts at MedBridge, which include:

  • PT / OT / ATC Education: $225 (normally $375)
  • PT / OT / ATC Premium: $275 (normally $425)
  • SLP Education: $120 (normally $270)
  • SLP Premium: $170 (normally $320)
  • Student Discount: $100 (use code: “PTPStudent”)

MedBridge CEU: Features I Love

As a Physical Therapist, I am required to take PT continuing ed courses. Like most Physical Therapists, I’ve searched plenty of times for cheap Physical Therapy CEUs, because who wants to spend $200+ on a single course multiple times a year. Here are 3 features of MedBridge CEUs that I absolutely love:

1. Unlimited CEUs!

I found MedBridge and loved the idea that I could get as many CEUs as I wanted through the online CEU education center.

2. Online and Live Continuing Education Courses

Did you know that a lot of the newest MedBridge courses are premiering as live webinars? This means you can earn continuing education credit for live MedBridge courses and webinars, which can count towards your state’s ‘in person’ con ed requirement.

3. MedBridge Discount Code Keeps it Affordable!

MedBridge Education is already affordable, but it’s even better when you can save $150 with the latest discount!

With this MedBridge discount, you get unlimited access to the entire library of courses for just $225. That’s more affordable than one in-person course I attended earlier this year.

medbridge promo code ptprogress

$150 Off MedBridge Coupon Plus 3 Bonuses

MedBridge Promo Code Bonus

Use promo code PTProgress and you’ll get $150 discount on MedBridge (the best deal available!) PLUS I’ll send you 3 bonuses for FREE from PTProgress:

  • Therapy Flowsheet Templates  – Quickly track your exercises and use sample starter templates for common diagnoses.
  • Therapy Exercise Handouts – Large print, easy to understand images that a perfect for home health and outpatient ortho therapists.
  • 3 Ways to Speed Up Documentation – A quick guide to faster note writing and tips for becoming more efficient!

How to Get the Bonuses:

After you sign up for MedBridge with the PTProgress promo code, simply take a screenshot or picture of your confirmation page and email it [email protected].  Include “MedBridge Bonus” in the subject line and I’ll send over your bonuses! Plus you’ll save $150 on MedBridge!

MedBridge Pricing

Without a discount, MedBridge prices start at $295 for SLPs and $400 and $450 annually for PTs, OTs, & Nurses.  They’re building up their Speech Language Pathologist video course collection which is why the SLPs rate is a little lower. With the code “PTProgress”, you can see the discounted price based on the profession below:

  • Nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy:   
    • $225 for Standard Education Plan | $275 for Premium Plan
  • SLP – Speech Language Pathologists
    • $120 for Standard Plan | $170 for Premium Plan
  • Student Promo Code: $100 for Student Plan with the discount “PTPStudent
  • Enterprise Discount: Over 40% off for 5 or more employees.

MedBridge Discount for Groups?

If you have a group of 5 or more clinicians, you should consider the Enterprise Solutions through MedBridge. This can save your clinic money and provide unlimited CEUs for your clinicians. 

Is MedBridge Worth it?

Here’s my take on why I think MedBridge is worth it. 

Personally I think that’s absolutely worth it! Here are a few of the reasons why I still use MedBridge and recommend it to my colleagues.

Well Organized Courses and Search Options

Unlike other online CEU platforms, MedBridge makes it really easy to search for and narrow down classes that interest you. They also allow you to narrow your search by state initially, so you can see what courses are accepted by your state’s licensing board.

MedBridge Education

Excellent Course Outlines

Before you commit the time to take a course, you can clearly see the course outline and even download the course objectives. This is great if you’re trying to maximize the time you spend learning and want to make sure the course covers the material you want to learn.

Integrated Quizzes and Explanations

Some of the courses offer integrated quizzes and questions. It’s not a requirement for each and you don’t need to “pass” the questions to pass the course.
I was surprised to see this as an integrated feature.

  • The Good: Research actually shows that students retain course information better when they answer questions and engage in active learning. Having some questions in the course was nice to think through possible scenarios related to the topic.
  • The OK: Some of the questions in my particular course were related but they were not a reflection of the lesson material that I had just learned. I’m sure the 1000+ other courses aren’t like this – it’s really just a small criticism of one particular course.

PowerPoints Linked to Video

This is a really nice feature because you can click ‘next or previous’ for the slides and the video will rewind or fast forward to that exact point of the slides.

The ability to pause, rewind, fast forward, and even listen to lectures at 1.5 or 2x speed is great if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in front of your computer.

medbridge dashboard

Easy Accreditation Check

I really like how MedBridge makes it super easy to verify the course hours based on your state. Within each course, you can check to see if the CEU will be accepted in your state with a simple scroll box.


Adding a License is Fast and Easy

How do you get the certificate of completion for your CEUs? That’s simple! In less than a minute, you can enter your license number and download the certificates as soon as you complete the course. I simply save them to my computer so that I can access the certificates if needed. You can also go back and download the certificates at a later time.

It’s Affordable and High Quality

Nearly every course flyer I get in the mail promotes a live course for at least $200.  I don’t know who is teaching the course or if it’s well organized.  With MedBridge, I can see course outlines, preview a course, and start or stop as many courses as I want. 

medbridge promo code

Final Thoughts on MedBridge: 

I’ve been a fan of MedBridge for a while now and love recommending them to my readers and other PTs, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Athletic Trainers and nurses.  

If you’re provided with any amount of continuing education budget through your employer and you want to maximize the number of CEUs you can get, I highly recommend you look into MedBridge.  Not only will you find a wide variety of courses, but you’ll be pleased with the format and how easy it is to navigate the education platform.

Best MedBridge Promo Code in 2024?

Use the MedBridge promo code “PTProgress to get an annual MedBridge subscription starting at $225 (40% off). Gain access to 1,800+ online courses, compliance training, certification prep programs and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a MedBridge discount for groups?

Yes, MedBridge offers an enterprise option for groups of 5 or more clinicians.  You’ll need to contact a representative, but the discounts are also significant. You can also use the code PTProgress with the enterprise solution!

How Long Will the MedBridge Promo Code Last?

When you sign up for an annual membership, you have access to every course for an entire year.  When you’re ready to renew your membership, don’t worry – it renews automatically so you can keep taking courses and using the HEP builder!

Is MedBridge Accredited?

Yes, and they make it easy to check if a course is approved in your state. Simply use the accreditation check feature for every course to see how many CEUs each course is approved for in your state.  MedBridge will keep track of your completed courses and even provide you with a certificate of completion when you finish a course.

Per the MedBridge website: “MedBridge provides accreditation requirements and state-approval information regarding its courses on a state-by-state basis. “  Basically, you can see beforehand if a course if approved in a state by using the quick menu to choose your state. The course will display the approved credits for that state and you’ll receive a certificate of completion for the course.

Most professional organizations will hold a neutral position on continuing education groups.  Some groups like the AOTA and BOC ATC have a list of approved CEU providers, and MedBridge is included in this list of approved CEU organizations.

Does the MedBridge Promo Code Expire?

Throughout the year, you’ll find promotions from MedBridge ranging from $100 to $125. But the $150 MedBridge discount applies all year round when you use the PTProgress coupon. Big thanks to MedBridge for extending the deal to our readers! 

Can I Try MedBridge for Free?

Yes, you can actually view the first lesson of most courses for free! This allows you to see the quality of the course and gives you an idea of what to expect from the education team at MedBridge.  

Can I Complete CEUs on My Phone?

This is one of my favorite features! You can watch courses and complete CEUs directly from your phone or tablet.  The best part is that the MedBridge App allows you to access all your courses and learn on the go – and it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

Do I have access to the certification prep courses?

Yes, you can access the specialty certification prep courses offered through MedBridge. If you are interested in sitting for a specialty such as the SCS, OCS, NCS, GCS, PCS, or CRRN you can view these prep courses just like any other course.

What’s great is that students who take these courses have a 93% pass rate on their certification exam!

Is there a 50% Off MedBridge Coupon?

In the past there were variations of discounts that included a 50% MedBridge coupon, but they’ve changed the program tiers and applied a wider discount among their different versions.  The current discount is actually 40% off the premium membership, so you save $150 in total, paying only $275.  This is currently the best discount they’ll offer.

medbridge promo code pricing

Not Sure Yet?

If you’re still not sure about MedBridge, I’d encourage you to read my full review here:

MedBridge Review: A Real User Review

In this review I’ll cover the following areas:

  • Is MedBridge Worth It?
  • The History of MedBridge: How they started
  • Top MedBridge Course Features
  • A Look at MedBridge Go – A better HEP Builder solution

Follow the image below to read the full article! 


Next Steps: Get a MedBridge Login

  1. Visit MedBridge Education
  2. Use Code: PTProgress
  3. Start Completing CEUs!

I personally use MedBridge and recommend that therapists and nurses consider using it as a way to access quality courses for a fraction of the cost of even one in person CEU course! I think you’ll be pleased with the quality of the courses. 

My Top 3 Favorite Courses on MedBridge This Year

Check out my video on my favorite MedBridge courses for the year!

Check out My Financial Health Course on MedBridge!

In this 3 part series, you can learn from me about managing your finances so you can pay off debt, invest wisely, and improve your overall financial health! I had a lot of fun making this course for MedBridge and I’m really excited that you can access it for free in your MedBridge account! Check it out here:

PTProgress is an affiliate of MedBridge, which allows us to provide our exclusive coupon code to you for a discounted price.  It also means we may receive an affiliate commission.  This review was not sponsored – it is an honest review of my personal experience with the MedBridge platform. 

Tim Fraticelli, DPT | Physical Therapist

Tim Fraticelli is a Physical Therapist, Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of He loves to teach PTs and OTs ways to save time and money in and out of the clinic, especially when it comes to documentation or continuing education. Follow him on YouTube for weekly videos on ways to improve your financial health.