Efficient Documentation for Therapists (Full Course)

Learn how to save 30-60 minutes a day with the Efficient Documentation for Therapists course. PTs and OTs deserve to go home to family, not documentation. This course includes ALL of the Documentation Templates as well as 5 video modules, full documentation examples, and training to speed up your documentation. A must have for new grads or transitioning therapists who want to spend less time typing and more time with their patients or with family.

Course Includes:

  • All Therapy Documentation Templates (a $69 value)
  • 5 Video Modules (60 minutes of training)
  • Over 60 Pages of Printable Documentation Examples
  • Full Sample Evaluation, Daily, Progress, and Discharge Notes
  • The SMARTER Goal Writing System
  • 6 Bonus Formula Templates and Worksheets
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Get the Documentation Templates (PDFs Only)

Save 30-60 minutes a day with the Therapy Documentation Templates. PTs and OTs deserve to go home to family, not documentation. These templates give you over 80 documentation examples along with proven formulas for writing faster and better documentation.

Available Templates

  • Therapy Assessment Templates
  • Therapy Goal Templates
  • Home Health Documentation Templates
  • Exercise Flow Sheets & Templates
  • Stick Figure Exercise Handouts
  • * Bundle ALL templates and save 30% *
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