Patellar Apprehension Test for Patellar Dislocation

patellar apprehension test

Purpose: The Patella apprehension test is used to diagnose patellar instability, most commonly lateral patellar instability.

How to Perform Patellar Apprehension Test

Position of Patient: The patient should be in supine with the leg flexed to 30 degrees.

Performance: The examiner instructs the patient to relax and places both thumbs along the medial aspect of the patella. In this position, apply pressure against the medial side of the patella. This movement directs the patella laterally and may cause apprehension.

How to Interpret Patellar Apprehension Test

Positive Finding: A positive test occurs if the patient demonstrates apprehension or attempts to move the leg or knee to prevent lateral patellar dislocation.

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