Shoulder Special Tests

shoulder special tests

Shoulder special tests are useful for identifying shoulder pathology such as rotator cuff tears, impingement, instability, biceps injury, and labral tears.  

Below you will find a list of shoulder special tests and links to each test with description and video if available. 

The performance of special tests for the shoulder with the intention of diagnosing or providing treatment recommendations for someone experiencing symptoms should be performed only by a licensed medical professional. 

List of Shoulder Special Tests

** This list is currently being modified and updated. Please stay tuned for the latest updates with links to respective pages. Thank you for your patience.

AC Joint Tests

AC Shear Test
Horizontal Adduction Test

Rotator Cuff Tests

Apley Scratch Test
Bear Hug Test
Belly Compression Test
Drop Arm Test
Hornblower’s Test
Infraspinatus Test
Liftoff Test
Painful Arc
Rent Sign

Impingement Tests

Hawkins Kennedy Test
Painful Arc
Infraspinatus Resistance Test

Labrum / Biceps

Biceps Load Test 2
Crank Test
Jerk Test
O’Brien Test

Biceps Specific:
Speed’s Test
Yergason’s Test

Instability Tests

Anterior Apprehension Test
Jerk Test
Posterior Apprehension Test
Relocation Test