Michigan Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Michigan Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirement

To renew your license as a Physical Therapist or PTA in Michigan, you must complete 24 PDR credits within 2 years immediately preceding renewal. Keep in mind that PDRs, or Professional Development Requirements, are for licensure renewal, not for an initial PT/PTA licensure. Keep reading for more details about the Michigan Physical Therapy continuing education requirements!

Michigan – 24 PDR credits every 2 years by July 31st.

1 PDR = 1 CEU contact hour.

At least 1 hour must be from a course in Pain Management. Another requirement, new since 2022, is a 2-hour course on Implicit Bias training.

In addition to the 24 PDRs, you’ll also have to complete a one-time course in identifying victims of Human Trafficking, if you haven’t already.

Michigan Physical Therapy CEU Requirements

The following is from the Michigan Physical Therapy Practice Act Website:

By accepting the renewal attestation you as the licensee are certifying that you have met the following continuing education requirements during the 2-year period immediately preceding the application for renewal:

  • 24 PDR credits completed during the 2 years immediately preceding the expiration of the license as outlined in Rule 338.7163 approved by the board as follows:
    • A minimum of 1 PDR credit must be earned in pain and symptom management.
    • Human Trafficking training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meets the standards in Administrative Rule 338.7126 prior to renewing their license. The training must only be completed one time.
    • Implicit Bias a minimum of one hour of implicit bias training for each year of the license or registration cycle. The training must meet the standards of R 338.7004 and must be completed prior to the renewal.”

Michigan PT CEU Requirements

There are currently 19 activities you can do to meet PDR requirements, and each has a limit or guideline for applying it towards your license renewal. See the table below:

PDR ActivityMaximum CEU Hours Allowed
CEU coursework20
Post-graduate academic coursework20
Reading and evaluating professional PT articles6; 1 hour per article
Viewing and evaluating professional PT media6; 1 hour per article
Presenting an approved CEU course12; 1 hour = 1 PDR
Presenting a scientific exhibit/paper at a conference12; Each presentation = 2 PDRs
Writing a professional article that is published12; 1 article = 6 PDRs
Writing a professional chapter published in a book12; 1 chapter = 6 PDRs
Completing American Board of PT Specialties23
Participating in a minimum of 1,000 hours in post-graduate clinical training12
Participating in a healthcare organization’s committee related to physical therapy6; 1 hour = 1 PDR
Serving as a guest lecturer6; 1 hour = 2 PDRs
Serving as a Clinical Instructor or Supervisor12; 40 hours = 3 PDRs
Identifying, researching, and addressing a PT issue6; 1 PDR per event/issue
Participating in a task force, board, or council related to PT12; 4 PDRs per event
Participating as a surveyor for an external agency related to PT12; 1 hour = 1 PDR
Performing volunteer work (without pay) related to PT6; 1 hour= 1 PDR
Serving as a Center Coordinator – Clinical Education4; 1 year = 2 PDRs
Completing a self-review tool developed by FSBPT3 PDRs for completion

Remember, you can only earn a maximum of 20 PDR credits through Continuing Education coursework. These credits may be earned online, but you’re allowed to complete no more than 12 credits during one 24-hour period. Otherwise there is no limit to online coursework.

What CEU Courses are Allowed in Michigan?

The Michigan Physical Therapy Association must approve continuing education courses for them to apply to the 24 PDR requirement. They’ve provided a list of approved courses here, but it’s ok to contact APTA MI to confirm approval if you are unsure of the eligibility. PTs interested in conducting a CEU course in Michigan must complete the Michigan Physical Therapy Continuing Education Application.

Can I Use MedBridge in Michigan?

Yes, you can use an online CEU company like MedBridge to complete required CEUs for your Michigan Physical Therapy license renewal. A quick check on the MedBridge website shows hundreds of approved courses for Michigan PT license holders looking to renew their license.

For example, if you need to satisfy the PDR requirement for pain management, you could complete the following course on MedBridge:

Use the MedBridge promo code PTProgress to save 40% on unlimited CEUs!

Do I need to submit proof of my completed CEUs?

No, unless it’s requested. Every legitimate CEU provider, including MedBridge, will give you a certificate of completion when you finish a CEU course or activity. The Michigan State Board of Physical Therapy requires that you retain this document for at least 4 years after your renewal period, in case you are selected for a formal audit.

How much is a Physical Therapy License in Michigan?

It costs $194.70 to renew a PT or PTA license.

When does my Michigan Physical Therapy license expire?

In order to practice Physical Therapy, you must have a renewed license after midnight on July 31st of your renewal year.

How long does it take to renew a Michigan Physical Therapy license?

If you file your renewal electronically, the process can be completed in about 7-10 days. If you do it by mail, it can take 3 to 6 weeks to process your request, so be sure to start the process early!

Compare CEUs by State

Take a look at all of the requirements for CEUs based on your state in this comprehensive article.

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