North Dakota Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

North Dakota physical therapy continuing education

By the end of January, PTs and PTAs across North Dakota must renew their license before it expires. As part of that process, licensees must report that they’ve completed 25 hours of “continuing competency” activities, such as continuing education coursework. Keep reading for all the details on North Dakota physical therapy continuing education requirements!

At a glance:

North Dakota – 25 CEU hours every 2 years by January 31st.

North Dakota Physical Therapy CEU Requirements

From the North Dakota Physical Therapy Practice Act Website: (ND source)

“All physical therapists and physical therapist assistants must obtain twenty-five units of continuing competence every two years to be eligible for licensure or relicensure. Unit values are determined by the board based on the complexity and educational value of the activity. There shall be no carryover of continuing competence units to the next reporting period. 

“The units may include:

  1. Activities related to physical therapy approved by the American physical therapy association, state physical therapy associations, and state physical therapy boards.
  2. Completion of an American physical therapy association specialty certification or recertification will equal fifteen units.
  3. Completion of a physical therapy residency program equals twenty-five units.
  4. One unit for every one hundred sixty-five hours of clinical instruction with a maximum of five units per reporting period.
  5. A person teaching an approved continuing competence activity must be awarded additional credit for preparation time not to exceed a ratio of five to one between preparation time and presentation time respectively. This credit may be taken for only one course annually.
  6. Teaching at an accredited physical therapy or physical therapist assistant program as long as teaching is not the licensee’s primary occupation. One unit is allowed per direct contact hour in teaching a maximum of five units per recording period.”

What CEU Courses are Allowed in North Dakota?

There are many types of courses you can take to complete your continuing education. But the ND State Board of PT only accepts continuing competency activity from providers they approve. Most CEU providers will indicate if their course qualifies for a given state’s requirements. But in general, you can assume your CEU course is approved by the Board if it’s approved by APTA and its chapters or other state physical therapy organizations.

What’s more, the ND State Board asks that all CEU courses have “significant intellectual or practical content” that is “directly related to the practice of physical therapy or to the professional responsibility or ethical obligations of the participants.”

But if you’re unsure whether a course or activity qualifies for continuing education, just contact the Board.

Can I Use MedBridge in North Dakota?

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Yes, you can use an online CEU company like MedBridge Education to complete your North Dakota Physical Therapy continuing education. A quick check on the MedBridge website shows hundreds of courses approved by the North Dakota Board.

An annual subscription to MedBridge Education grants you unlimited access to their vast library of CEU courses, as well as free registration for live and interactive webinars all year long. Whether you’re a PT or a PTA, you can find plenty of eligible courses on MedBridge. Use the MedBridge promo code PTProgress to save 40% on unlimited CEUs.

Do I need to submit proof of my completed CEUs?

Every legitimate CEU provider, including MedBridge, will give you a certificate of completion when you finish a CEU course or activity. The Board asks that you retain this document for a few years after your license renewal period is over. They’ll request this proof if you are selected for a formal audit. 

May I carry over any completed CEUs?

No. PTs and PTAs in North Dakota are not allowed to carry over any excess CEUs from one renewal period to the next.

How much is the renewal fee?

In North Dakota it costs $100 to renew a PT license or $60 to renew a PTA license. 

When does my North Dakota Physical Therapy license expire?

PT and PTA licenses expire every two years on January 31st

How long does it take to renew a North Dakota Physical Therapy license?

For many states, it can take 4–8 weeks to process your request, so start the process early!

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