MedBridge Education: A Real User Review and MedBridge Promo Code

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MedBridge Review

I started using MedBridge  over 6 years ago after researching multiple online CEU options.  MedBridge Education continued to rise to the top of the list, so I made my decision and wanted to share my experience by writing up this MedBridge review.  

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Is MedBridge Worth It?

As a current Physical Therapist and former financial advisor, there are three key factors that I use when making a decision to enroll in a continuing education course.

  • Cost – does it make financial cents?
  • Quality – does it hold up to the highest standards?
  • Convenience – does it save me time and energy?
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When a weekend CEU course costs $500+, it may meet the criteria of convenience and quality, but the cost is often the limiting factor.  

If travel or time off is required, that $500 can easily double or triple, significantly raising the average cost of the earned CEUs.

Attending an in-person course has its place in continuing education, but with current technology, you have access to the leading experts in your field without incurring travel expenses or extra time off.

Does MedBridge pass the quick, 3 part question of cost, quality, and convenience?

Yes it does.

Cost: For $200 (with the “PTProgress” coupon) you have access to unlimited CEUs. Your average cost per CEU dramatically drops with each course you take.

Quality: The online learning platform is intuitive and and each course is lead by industry leaders who bring years of experience.

Convenience: Each course can be viewed and completed at your own pace. (I’m a fan of the 2x speed feature and ability to replay audio when clicking on the powerpoint slides.)


Before we dive into the MedBridge platform, I want to talk a little about the company itself.  

MedBridge started in 2011 as a resource for Physical Therapists and soon expanded into courses for Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Athletic Trainers, and even Nursing CEUs.

Today, over 70,000 clinicians use MedBridge and have access to over 1,000 video courses as well as an innovative home exercise platform and mobile app.

MedBridge now partners with over 1,000 organizations, providing employees access to the platform which has resulted in significant improvements.  After partnering with MedBridge, one large hospital noted the following changes in a case study:

  • 23% Savings on Continuing Education and HEP
  • 19% Improvement in Outcome Scores
  • 100% Staff Retention Rate
  • 15% Decrease in No-Shows and cancellations

Those figures alone should may any clinic director’s eyes light up!

You’re probably familiar with ROI: Return on Investment.  So I’m coining a new phrase: ROEd Return On Education.  Not only did this health care group experience cost savings in staff clinical education, they decreased the no-show / cancellation rate after implementing the MedBridge platform. That is a significant return on education!

For organizations that have established continuing education budgets and want to find ways to expand education instead of cutting education funding, the MedBridge enterprise solutions should be discussed at your next team meeting.

medbridge summary
Download PDF Review

* You can download this review as a PDF and present it to your clinical education team or supervisor as part of your proposal. 

MedBridge Education CEU | Course Offerings

As part of this MedBridge review, I want to highlight the features that set it apart from other platforms.  Below are some of the key elements of MedBridge that I’ve found to be very useful. 

Organized Continuing Ed Search

Looking for a specific topic such as Shoulder Impingement and Treatment?  You can use the organized search feature on MedBridge to quickly narrow down your search by topic, specialty, body region, and even course difficulty.   

Quick Accreditation Check

Under each course, you’ll find the total approved hours for your state and specialty.  Above you can see that I’ve selected Physical Therapist in Michigan and I can quickly switch views to show offerings for OTs, ATCs, SLPs and Nurses.

Detailed Course Outlines

Before you even start a course, you can read the full description to learn more about the objectives, instructor, and materials covered in the course. As you can see below, this view gives you a quick glance at the relevancy of the course, so you know if it fits your needs before you commit the time to watch the course.

Integrated Quizzes

I really like the integrated quiz feature within the courses.  Not only does this require you to apply the knowledge you’re learning, it challenges you to draw on your previous clinical knowledge and expertise.  Below is an example of the integrated quizzes I encountered when taking a course on the shoulder. Also, it should be noted that your score on the quiz doesn’t have an effect on the completion of the course.

Downloadable PowerPoints

If you prefer a hands on pen and paper approach, don’t worry!  I love that you have access to the powerpoints and can print each lecture if you want a paper copy.  Even better, the slides are full size and color and they do a good job in keeping the text concise in the slides.

Other MedBridge Features

Compliance Training Courses

Most organizations require annual training on topics related to OSHA, HIPPA, human resources, and safety.  The Learning Management System allows organizations to distribute this training among its employees at a fraction of the cost.

Certification Prep Programs

Within the basic membership of MedBridge, you have access to multiple certification prep programs.  Some of the most common include the OCS exam prep, NCS exam prep, and CRRN prep courses. You can even complete MedBridge Certifications on various topics to advance in your career and knowledge base.

Clinician Mobile App

All of the courses you find can be accessed on your mobile device, making it easy to consume courses on the go.  You can download the course content and materials and even take the online quizzes through your phone or tablet.

Patient Satisfaction and Marketing

Getting feedback from your patients is simple with the integrated satisfaction survey.  The team at MedBridge is continuing to develop new tools that will make it simple to communicate with new patients and to promote engagement, which can lead to decreased no shows / cancellations in the clinic.

Outcomes Tracking & Reporting

With reimbursement hanging on a thread for many clinics, it’s important to have a strong measure of tracking outcomes.  These tools help to reduce operational overhead and to save time by identifying gaps in outcome scores and highlighting solutions to improve profitability.

EMR Integration

On average, clinicians who use the MedBridge HEP solution with EMR integration save 2 minutes per patient. That amounts to an average of $4,500 in savings per clinician per year.  

MedBridge Go (Home Exercise Program)

When you sign up for MedBridge, you get access to MedBridge Go, one of the most smartest HEP programs I’ve ever used.  I could write an entire review on their HEP alone!

Here are the highlights:

  • Intuitive & Fast HEP Creation
  • Simple to Share via Text, Email or Print
  • Integrated Videos for Patients
  • Activity Tracker and Reminders for Patients

MedBridge Promo Code: “PTProgress”

MedBridge has agreed to provide my readers with a 40% off MedBridge Coupon.  Use the MedBridge promo code: “PTProgress” to save $150 on MedBridge, their largest discount available.

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MedBridge Promo Code (40% Off Coupon for SLP, $150 Off for PTs, OTs, and Nurses!)

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A Final Word on MedBridge

As a clinician, I enjoy teaching others about resources that help them develop professionally.  When I find a tool like MedBridge, I want my colleagues to know how helpful it can be for their education and professional development.  

Personally, I think MedBridge one of the best CE platforms available.  Not only does it provide clinicians with education credits via high quality courses, it fills the gap by providing them with resources for patients as well as meeting compliance requirements within an organization.  

MedBridge is like an extension of your clinical ed team, compliance / quality measures team, and customer retention team.

Make them a part of your organization to maximize the investment in your clinical staff and patients.

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Tim Fraticelli DPT, MBA, CFP®

Tim Fraticelli is a Physical Therapist, Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of He loves to teach PTs and OTs ways to save time and money in and out of the clinic, especially when it comes to documentation or continuing education. Follow him on YouTube for weekly videos on ways to improve your financial health.