MedBridge Student Discount – 75% Off Deal (Save $325)

medbridge student discount

MedBridge student discounts exist to provide students (nursing, OT, PT, SLP, and ATCs) with access to all of the top-level education on MedBridge.

The MedBridge Student Membership Discount is a savings of 75% from the original price. It’s just $100 total to access all the MedBridge courses and resources as a student.

Use the MedBridge Student Discount Promo Code: PTPStudent

Visit and enter Promo Code: PTPStudent

Who is eligible for the MedBridge Student Discount?

If you are currently a student and register with your .edu email, you can use the student promo code.

medbridge student
Visit Student Page
medbridge student discount
Enter PTPStudent

Not a Student?

If you’re not a student but want a discount, you can use the MedBridge Promo Code: PTProgress to save $150 off MedBridge.

What Is Included With MedBridge Student Subscription?

You have access to all 900+ accredited courses on MedBridge Education. However, as a student, certain features do not apply:

You will not earn CEUs for courses you complete.

(This is OK because no state requires you to earn CEUs while you’re a student.  So you can still take the courses, you just won’t receive a CEU credit for it.)

Students cannot text or email a HEP (home exercise program).

(Since students are working under a supervising medical professional, the home exercises or treatments need to come from the licensed professional anyways.)

A student watermark is used on any printed HEP (home exercise program).

Again, this is more of a liability feature as students are not licensed medical professionals who can provide handouts as a course of treatment.

3 Reasons a Student Should Use MedBridge

#1 Huge Discount

First off, as a student you can use the huge MedBridge student discount.  You get access to thousands of videos and exercises at a fraction of the cost, saving almost 80% on the price of MedBridge.  With the MedBridge student discount: “PTPStudent” you can access all of MedBridge for just $100.

Now when you sign up for MedBridge as a student, you won’t earn any  CEUs for courses you finish, but that’s OK because no state requires you to earn CEUs while you’re a student. 

You’ll have access to thousands of courses from highly sought after instructors and leaders in the field who cover these topics so well. Plus, you can watch it on your own time at whatever speed you want and pause it, rewind it, and come back to a lecture the next day if you want.

#2 HEP Access

The huge discount and access to thousands of courses is just one of the awesome features of the MedBridge Student discount. The second way you’re going to benefit from MedBridge is by having access to the home exercise program anywhere you want.

Now as a student they will place a watermark on the home exercise program when you go to print them out and you won’t be able to simply email or text programs to patients for liability reasons. But you can still build and save home exercise programs that can be printed any time you need them. That’s super helpful for you if you are going from one rotation to another.

You can always log into MedBridge and use the home exercise program that you developed at another clinic and print it out at your new clinical rotation, saving you a ton of time so you can focus on learning new skills and treatments during your rotation.  

#3 Certification Prep

If you absolutely know that you want to pursue a clinical residency after PT school, you’re going to find the certification prep courses through MedBridge to be really helpful.

Signing up for the MedBridge student plan makes perfect sense because you can get a head start on the test prep material before your residency program begins. If you’re not pursuing a residency but still want to sit for a specialty certification, you can use MedBridge to supplement the self learning tracks that you’re using on your own to study for certifications like the NCS or OCS. 

Most state boards will give you credit for a certain amount of continuing education units for pursuing a specialty certification, regardless of whether or not you took a course or continuing education class.  Another win!

Why Should Students Sign Up for MedBridge?

When you learn in your classroom, you are limited to that one hour of time with the instructor. For the student who needs a refresher on pediatrics before a clinical, their best option is to review paper notes.

With MedBridge, you can learn from health leaders who cover the topics in significant detail. Plus, you can watch it on your own time at whatever speed you want. Not to mention the ability to pause, rewind, and come back to a lecture the next day if you want.

Students who are on clinical rotations will benefit from the MedBridge Student Membership the most. When you are doing your fieldwork and run into a complicated case or specific diagnosis, you can reference the library of lectures to learn from the top experts on how they specifically handle cases.

medbridge educationMedBridge Student Discount:

Save $325 on MedBridge as a student and pay only $100 for access to all of the MedBridge Education Library.

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