Top 10 Best eBikes Based on Consumer Reviews

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Whether you need a little boost climbing hills or want the thrill of motorized speed, an eBike has something to offer for new cyclists and avid bikers alike. But how do you know which is the best eBike to buy?

In this post, I’ll cover the basics of eBike shopping so you can find the best eBike for your particular needs. We’ll also look at 10 of the bestselling eBikes on Amazon based on consumer reviews. 

What is an eBike?

An eBike is essentially a souped-up bicycle. It pedals like any normal velocipede but also includes a motor to boost your pedaling power—or replace it entirely. Instead of gas or diesel, the motor runs on a rechargeable electric battery and uses a sensor to detect and control speed.

Some states regulate the use of electric bikes based on how it’s classified, which entails how fast it can go and whether it includes a throttle.

For a class 1 eBike, you must pedal to activate the motor; it doesn’t run without your pedaling. Once you reach 20mph, the motor will kick off and you’ll do the rest with pedal power. Most class 1 bikes are not regulated and are treated like bicycles.

Class 2 eBikes come with a throttle to power the motor. Typically, you can use the throttle to get the bike up to 15 mph and then use pedal-assist power to take it up to 24mph. The throttle can also provide a burst of speed when you need to start quickly, say at a stoplight—even while uphill! Because of the throttle and the higher potential speed, class 2 bikes are sometimes restricted from sidewalk usage or require a helmet.

A class 3 bike is the most powerful type of electric bike. Its motor tops 28mph, though in many cases it could go higher than that (you’ll just be restricted to a 28mph speed limit by law). Class 3 bikes come with a speedometer, and in many states, they are illegal for anyone under 17.

Some states regulate how and where eBikes are used, so check out this guide to learn more. 

What to look for in an eBike

Besides the tripartite classification, eBikes exhibit a wide range of shapes and styles, suiting a variety of cycling needs—be it for sports, errands, or leisurely recreation. When shopping for an eBike, first consider the bike’s overall design and how it may or may not suit your purpose.


The design of electric bikes reflects that of their conventional counterparts, including mountain bikes, road bikes and cruisers, for example. 

A mountain eBike sports a beefier frame, straight handlebars, durable components, and a strong motor to power steep ascents. A commuter bike is built for speed and utility, with the possibility for cargo accessories such as a luggage rack or front basket. If all you want is a relaxed, electrically-powered bike ride, then a comfy cruiser can fit that bill with its wide seat and close handlebars.  

In an attempt to please a wider market, many companies sell hybrid eBikes that accommodate a little bit of everything. A hybrid is designed for diverse road conditions, offering both comfortable utility and rugged durability for when you want to take it off the road.  

Other features to consider

As you shop for the best eBike, you may also want to consider a few other features, such as the following.


If you’re thinking about off-roading your eBike, keep a lookout for fat tire eBikes. At 4 inches thick, fat tires offer wider traction for traversing a variety of terrain, including sand and deep snow. The bigger tire also absorbs shock when running over twigs and rocks and can make your ride more comfortable overall. Keep in mind, however, that the “fat” term relates not just to the width of its tires but also its weight—these are hefty bikes that can weigh up to 80 pounds!

Motor placement

There’s no hood on an eBike, so you’ll find the motor in one of three places: over the front hub, over the rear hub, or in the middle of the frame in between both hubs. This midframe mount retains the bike’s balance and is best suited for mountain biking. 

Foldability and Weight

Many styles of eBikes can fold up to less than 3 feet square for tighter storage and compact portability. If you care about foldability, also consider the bike’s weight. A heavy bike will be more cumbersome to fold and haul, and the extra weight will require more battery power than a lighter eBike.

Battery range

One of the most important features on an eBike is its battery range. In class 2 and 3 bikes, the range consists of two numbers; the lower number is the maximum number of miles or kilometers you can go using the throttle alone before needing to recharge the battery. The second number is typically the distance the battery will last if you use pedal-assist power only. If you need the bike to commute to work, make sure it can at least take you one way before the battery depletes.


Besides a hefty kickstand, headlights, and speedometer, an eBike can sport a number of accessories. Some eBikes include a USB port so you can use your eBike’s battery power to charge your phone. Depending on how you intend to use your bike, you may want to attach a front basket, side pannier bags, or even a passenger seat.

How to choose an eBike

First, determine the primary use of your eBike. If it’s for sports, browse mountain bikes and consider adding fat tires. For commuters wanting a greener ride to work, choose a bike that minimizes excess bulk while accommodating what you’d need to haul. And for recreationalists, find a comfortable cruiser you know you’ll use and enjoy.

Your next step is to check with local laws regarding how eBikes are regulated, as that will affect what class of eBike you should shop for. Make plans to register your bike if it’s required. If you’re hoping to use sidewalks or bike lanes to get around town, check whether you’ll be limited to a class 1 or 2 eBike. Not all mountain bike routes allow eBikes, so do some research before planning your next biking trip.  

Next is the fun part—shopping! I recommend trying a variety of outlets, both online and in person, to get a sense of the price range and features available. 

As you browse eBikes, remember you may be able to try before you buy. Many bike shops offer eBike rentals or will let you take one for a test ride. Depending on where you live, your city may have an eBike bank or lending library that you can use to get a feel for eBiking. A rental eBike may not be the exact type of bike you want, but it can at least give you a sense of what it’s like to bike electrified.  

Best Cheap Electric Bike

The cost of an eBike varies widely, with some bikes fetching prices over $5,000 while others cost less than four figures. In general, you can get a decent bike under $1500, and in some cases half that amount.  

Now, the best cheap electric bike cannot compare to a well-made one, so if you penny-pinch, be prepared to compensate in other ways. To cut costs, cheap eBikes may skimp on exterior components, such as an uncomfortable seat or parts that need regular replacing. As long as you’re willing to do some minor repairs or bring the bike to a shop, you may still save some money buying a cheap eBike.

Amazon is well-loved for cheap finds, eBikes included. The majority of the electric bikes on Amazon are technically hybrids—designed for both roads and rough terrain but not as durable as mountain bikes. Below are the 10 best eBikes on Amazon based on consumer reviews.

Bikes under $600

Ancheer Electric Hybrid Bike

ancheer ebike

The Ancheer Electric is a basic hybrid that can elevate your ride without costing a huge sum of money. The 21-speed system will emulate a traditional cycling experience, while the throttle and pedal-assist power will bolster your pedaling efforts. 

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed20 mph
Battery type10.4ah lithium ion
Battery range22–40 miles on initial 4-hr charge
AccessoriesLED/LCD display, headlight
ColorsBlue, orange, or red
PriceFrom $569

Jasion EB5 Commuting Bike

jasion electric bike

A similar bike for a similar price, the Jasion eBike has fewer speeds and a longer battery charge rate than the Ancheer. However, you may prefer this bike for its twist throttle and USB port, which can power up a dead phone in a pinch. 

Class2 – with twist throttle
Maximum speed20 mph
Battery type36v/10ah lithium ion
Battery range25­–40 miles on initial 5–6-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display, headlight, and USB port
PriceFrom $599

Vivi Folding eBike

vivi folding ebike

The Vivi eBike is alarmingly cheap for what it offers—a 500w motor, 50 mile range, and 22mph maximum, all in a foldable frame. The bike arrives 90% assembled, so you’ll be ready to hit the road in almost no time.

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed22 mph
Battery type48v/7.5ah lithium ion
Battery range22–50 miles on initial 4–5-hr charge
AccessoriesLED display and headlight
OtherFolds down to under 3 feet square
ColorsWhite, red, and black
PriceFrom $599

Wooken Mountain Bike

wooken best ebike

For less than $560, the Wooken mountain bike lets you power your ride with a 500w motor to go as far as 30 miles—or 60 if you put the pedal to the metal. 

Class2 – with twist throttle
Maximum speed21 mph
Battery type48v/10ah lithium ion
Battery range30–60 miles on initial 5-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display and headlight
ColorsRed, white, orange, and blue
PriceFrom $559

Best Mountain Bikes

When price is less of a hindrance to your eBike shopping, you may not need or even want the cheapest eBike available. Below are a few Amazon eBikes that consumers felt were well worth the higher price.  

Velowave Ghost Mountain Bike 500W

velowave ghost ebike

You can hit speeds of 25mph on the Velowave Ghost bike, and a quick 4-hour charge is all you need to tackle up to 40 miles of hills on pedal power. 

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed25 mph
Battery type48v/15ah lithium ion
Battery range28­–40 miles on initial 4-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display and headlight
ColorsSilver and dark green
PriceFrom $1299

Velowave Ranger Fat Tire Mountain Bike 750W

best ebike mountain bike

Another offering from Velowave, the Ranger mountain bike is fully equipped for a rough ride on the mountain. The Ranger features fat tires, a throttle, and a 750w motor for speeds of 28mph, making it a class 3 bike. 

Class3 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed28 mph
Battery type48v/15ah lithium ion
Battery range35–50 miles on initial 4-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display and headlight
ColorsBlack and silver
PriceFrom $1499

YinZhiBoo 1000 W Fat Tire Mountain eBike

best ebike fat tires

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to ride a bike with a 1000w motor, then you should check out the YinZhiBoo bike. Outfitted with 4” fat tires and available in 6 colors, this bike will help you hit the road—or trail—in style.

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed25 mph
Battery type48v/13ah lithium ion
Battery range25­–42 miles on initial 4–6-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display and headlight
OtherIncludes 4” fat tires
ColorsBlack or white frame with red, yellow, green, or blue accents
PriceFrom $1099

Best Folding Bikes

When storage space is tight, a folding eBike can help you get the most out of it. A smaller footprint makes the bike easier to load into a car, pack away in a box, or stow in the garage.

HeyBike Ranger Foldable eBike

best folding ebike

A true hybrid eBike, the HeyBike Ranger offers a little bit of everything. Its 500w motor can take you 48 miles at 20 mph, or 37 miles if you use the throttle alone. Your ride will be much more comfortable with wide, fat tires and a USB port keeping your phone alive.

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed20 mph
Battery type48v/12.5ah lithium ion
Battery range37–48 miles on initial 5-hr charge
AccessoriesHeadlight and USB port
OtherFolds to 38x28x20”, includes 4” fat tires
ColorsBlack and gray
PriceFrom $1049

Jasion Folding eBike

folding ebike

Besides their aforementioned budget bike, Jasion also sells a folding model, which collapses to a 26x21x29” shape. With a twist throttle (as opposed to a thumb throttle) and 3” fat tires, this bike is unique—and a steal at less than $900.  

Class2 – with twist throttle
Maximum speed20 mph
Battery type48v/10ah lithium ion
Battery range20­–40 miles on initial 4–5-hr charge
AccessoriesLCD display, headlight, taillight and USB port
OtherFolds to 26x21x29”, includes 3” fat tires
ColorsGreen, black, and white
PriceFrom $899

Best eBike for Leisure

HeyBike Cityscape Cruiser       

city ebike

Designed for comfort, this cruiser features a step-through frame for an easy mount. Its modest 350w engine is perfect for urban biking, while the sleek design ensures you arrive in style.

Class2 – with thumb throttle
Maximum speed20 mph
Battery type36v/10ah lithium ion
Battery range25­–40 miles on initial 5-hr charge
AccessoriesLED display, headlight, taillight, and USB port
ColorsBlack and white
PriceFrom $849


With so many types of eBikes available, you should have no problem finding one that’s right for you. The best eBike will help you enjoy greater speed, freedom, and ease in your cycling experience, and may even increase your physical activity and improve your quality of life. It’s hard to put a price on that!

Tim Fraticelli, DPT Physical Therapist

Tim Fraticelli is a Physical Therapist, Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of He loves to teach PTs and OTs ways to save time and money in and out of the clinic, especially when it comes to documentation or continuing education. Follow him on YouTube for weekly videos on ways to improve your financial health.