Virginia Physical Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

Virginia physical therapy continuing education requirements

Are you a PT or PTA in Virginia? In order to renew your license, you’ll have to complete certain Virginia physical therapy continuing education. In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know, from deadlines and fees to CEU specifics. Let’s jump in.

At a glance:

Virginia – 30 PT CEU hours every 2 years by December 31st in even years.

As a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant in Virginia, you must complete 30 continuing education hours every two years by December 31st in even-numbered years. 

Of these 30 hours, PTs have to ensure at least 20 are from Type 1 activities, while PTAs need at least 15.  

Virginia Physical Therapy CEU Requirements

From the Virginia Physical Therapy Practice Act Website:

“A total of 30 hours of Continuing Education and at least 320 hours of active practice in the preceding four years. A minimum of 20 of the contact hours required for physical therapists and 15 of the contact hours required for physical therapist assistants shall be in Type 1 courses. No more than 10 of the contact hours required for physical therapists and 15 of the contact hours required for physical therapist assistants may be Type 2 activities or courses.”

What CEU Courses are Allowed in Virginia?

According to the Virginia Board of Physical Therapy, you can earn CEUs from a study program, classroom experience, or similar education that directly relates to physical therapy practice. 

All CEU courses and activities must satisfy the requirements of the Board. There are two types of CEUs you could earn, based on the provider you choose: Type 1 or Type 2.

Type 1 CEUs come from particular providers which the Board automatically approves. If the course doesn’t reach that standard but is still related to physical therapy, then it’s Type 2

The Board requires that at least 20 hours (for PTs) or 15 hours (for PTAs) be Type 1 CEUs. To meet this criteria, look for CEUs that are either approved or provided by one of the following:

  • Virginia Physical Therapy Association
  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  • The FBSPT, NATA, or AMA
  • National Strength and Condition Association
  • Local, state, or federal government agencies
  • Regionally accredited colleges and universities
  • Any provider approved by another state’s PT licensing board

If you’re unsure whether a course or activity qualifies for continuing education, contact the Board.

Can I Use MedBridge in Virginia?

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Yes, you can use an online CEU company like MedBridge Education to complete your Virginia Physical Therapy continuing education. A quick check on the MedBridge website shows hundreds of approved courses for Virginia PTs looking to renew their license.

The Board hasn’t set a limit to how many online CEU courses or webinars you can apply to your total 30. And because MedBridge is approved by APTA, you won’t have to worry about Type 1 or Type 2 CEUs. You can complete all your CEUs in one place, for one price.

Whether you’re a PT or PTA, you can find plenty of eligible courses on MedBridge. Use the MedBridge promo code PTProgress to save 40% on unlimited CEUs.

Do I need to submit proof of my completed CEUs?

Every legitimate CEU provider, including MedBridge, will give you a certificate of completion when you finish a CEU course or activity. The Virginia Board of Physical Therapy does not require this document or any other proof of your CEU completion with your license renewal. 

Instead, you will simply report the CEU information on your application and retain the records for at least 4 years after your license renewal period ends. Be sure to store these documents safely in case you are selected by the board for a continuing competency audit.

How much is the renewal fee?

It costs $135 to renew a PT license and $70 to renew a PTA license. 

When does my Virginia Physical Therapy license expire?

All Physical Therapy licenses expire biennially on December 31st of even-numbered years.

How long does it take to renew a Virginia Physical Therapy license?

For many states, it can take 4-8 weeks to process your request, so start the process early!

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