Maryland Occupational Therapy License Renewal Requirements

Maryland Occupational Therapy License Renewal Requirements

If you’re an Occupational Therapist in Maryland, you probably already know that you must periodically renew your license in order to continue your practice. The requirements for renewing a Maryland Occupational Therapy license are unique to Maryland and determined by the State Board. This guide will help you understand those requirements, from continuing education to fees and deadlines.

Maryland OT License Renewal Requirements

The Board of Occupational Therapy Practice determines the Continuing Competency Requirements in the state of Maryland. Many other states refer to these requirements as “CEUs,” or “Continuing Education Units.” No matter what you call them, it all boils down to the number of “contact hours” each course, presentation, or activity is worth. 

The Continuing Competency Requirements for an OT license in Maryland are as follows:

  • 24 contact hours biennially
    • At least 16 hours must be directly related to OT practice
    • No more than 8 hours may be on administrative/professional courses
    • Proof is required only under audit

These continuing competency requirements are the same for OTs and OTAs alike.

How do I complete my Maryland CEU requirements?

There are many ways to fulfill your 24 contact hours. You could attend a class, webinar, or workshop, so long as the course qualifies as a CEU and you receive a certificate of completion. 

These courses may cover a wide range of topics, from ethics to patient care to taxes and state law. Importantly, you’ll need to make sure at least 16 hours of your courses are directly related to the practice of Occupational Therapy. That means you can spend up to 8 hours on other subjects, such as administrative and professional development courses.

An academic or professional activity may also count towards your continuing education, such as attending a board meeting, editing a book, or participating in research. If you recently completed a residency or OT specialty training, you might be able to apply several if not all of your contact hours towards that professional accomplishment.

For more details on Maryland CEU options, check out the Maryland Practice Act.

What kind of CEU Providers can I use?

Most OTs and OTAs complete their competency requirements through coursework. However, not all CEU providers are created equal, so always make sure the provider is legitimate.

The Maryland Board of OT pre-approves any CEUs from the following providers: American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), Maryland Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA), the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT), and any providers on this list already approved by the AOTA.

Can I complete Maryland OT CEUs online?

Nowadays continuing education occurs in all kinds of formats, whether as weekend workshops or virtual webinars. Maryland’s Board of Occupational Therapy Practice only requires that 16 of your 24 courses be directly related to OT patient care.

There are currently no stipulations on course format, nor limits to home study. That means you could complete all of your CEUs online, through streaming video courses, internet workshops, and live webinars.   

Best Online CEU Provider: MedBridge

MedBridge is a leading provider of online CEUs for a number of reasons, one being the wide variety of course topics and formats available with each yearly subscription. Their impressive library of 1300 courses is available to browse – even before signing up! 

As a Physical Therapist, I use MedBridge to satisfy my state’s CEU requirements each license renewal. And I must say, the quality of these CEUs is top-notch. You’ll learn from some of the best in the field, through professional video presentations and a user-friendly format.

With MedBridge, you can fulfill all your CEU course requirements from one provider at an affordable price. Plus, you’ll enjoy the variety of courses available and the convenience of online learning.

For my full review on MedBridge Online CEUs, check out this article.

If you want to give MedBridge a try for your next renewal year, you can save $150 on your subscription with the promo codePTProgress.” 

Do I need to submit proof of my completed CEUs?

Every approved CEU provider, including MedBridge, issues a certificate of completion when you finish a CEU course or activity. The Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy Practice does not require this document or any other proof of your CEU completion with your license renewal. 

Instead, you will simply report the CEU information on your application and retain the records for a few years after your license renewal period is complete. Be sure to store these documents safely in case you are selected by the board for a continuing competency audit.

When does a Maryland OT license expire?

Your OT license is valid for two years, and all licenses expire biennially on June 30th. If your initial licensure was in an odd-numbered year, then your license renewal will always be in odd-numbered years. Likewise, getting licensed in an even-numbered year means you’ll always need to renew your license in an even-numbered year.

How do I renew my OT license?

You may apply for your license renewal online through this portal.

How much is the renewal fee for a Maryland OT license?

OTs pay $280 to renew their licenses each period; OTAs pay $200. 

Maryland OT License Renewal Requirements

For more information on renewing your OT license in Maryland, contact the Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy Practice.

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